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The Right Hinges For Your Door

Hi I thought I would do a quick basic guide to which door hinges suit your needs. 

Plain Standard Butt Hinges:

Each hinge are made up of sections that are broken down into two, three or five parts. The sections, known as knuckles, wrap around the hinge pin and connect the leaves of each the hinge. There’s no buffer between each section of the barrel. This means there is more likely to be signs of wear to the hinge over time as the sections grind against each other. Plain bearing hinges are almost always noisy or squeaky, even on lightweight doors. Obviously the more higher the grade of hinge the stronger it will be and the longer it should last. But in general these standard hinges are more often used if you are on a budget & inferior to the newer ball bearing hinges.

Ball Bearing Hinges:

Ball bearing hinges may also have two, three or five sections. They are different from standard butt hinges, because they have a steel ball bearing, that acts as a buffer, in between the knuckles (sections of the hinge). Standard ball bearing hinges (Grade 7) have bearings only at the top and bottom section. Heavy-duty ball bearing hinges (Grade 11 or 13) have bearings between every knuckle. These units tend to be durable, better performing and less noisy than standard hinges. 

Fire Door Hinges:

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), all hinges used on fire doors must be ball bearing. This helps make sure the door can be properly operated over time and it’s very important as a fire door must be closed completely to operate as it’s intended to. ** Standard bearing butt hinges may be used on fire doors only when they are part of a packaged assembly and they must be labeled for use on fire doors.


  • We at UK Door Hinges recommend you use ball bearing hinges on all your doors as you will get a longer lasting and better quality hinge.
  • We also recommend you use 3 hinges on heavier doors and 3 4″ fire door hinges on heavy fire doors (Grade 11 or 13)

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