Fitting Round or square Rose Door Handles

Ok, so many of us have fitted door handles before, but for those who haven’t it can be a bit of a daunting task. So I thought I would write a blog to try and help those who haven’t fitted them before.

1. Firstly before you start fitting your lever handles make sure you have the correct fixings for the bolt through tubular mortice latch these are available through our website in our door handle latch packs or separately.

2. Unscrew the rose from the handles and take the spindle off the handles.

3. Take the latch and fit it into the door insuring the latch itself is correctly orientated for the hand of your door. Screw the latch into the door.

4. Next take the spindle and place it into the latch roughly halfway through the door. Now take the handles and place the handle on the spindle and slide it on. Now take your Allen key and tighten the lever enough so it’s holding the spindle firm in place.

5. With the lever in place you can now mark your door with a pencil for the bolt through fixing holes to go through the door and latch. Take the handle off and drill the holes in the areas you’ve marked.

6. Now take your lever and spindle, place it back through the latch bolt and place your other lever on the other side of your door on the spindle.

7. Then, take your bolt through fixing kit which comes with your handles, place it through the door and put on the other side bolting the two halves of the lever set together. Now do the same with the second bolt through fixing.

8. Now screw the top and bottom screws that came with the kit and screw them firmly into the door.

9. Next, take the Allen key and tighten up the lever on both sides trying not to other tighten as this can cause the handles to have to much tension and break afterwards

10. Then, slide the rose onto the lever and screw in place.

Job done :)