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Jigtech Door Furniture
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Jigtech Pro

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With the launch of the Jigtech Pro comes the launch of the Jigtech Door Furniture. These handles are designed to be easily fitted within minutes with the Jigtech pro. 

We are very excited about the Jigtech and have been for some time now since Dale/Excel Hardware announced the launch of Jigtech. We see it as a big game changer for any door fitter, as it not only makes fitting doors easier/quicker but, also with the new smart latch systems on offer it gives that professional/modern look that every customer wants to see in their new or renovated home.

Using the Jigtech couldn't be simpler, please have a look at the fitting video to see just how easy this is...

Jigtech Pro Fitting Video

Please visit our store to see our wide range of Jigtech furniture on offer.

Jigtech Door Furniture



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