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MAG-LATCH AML190EB Italian mag-latch Magnetic Bolt Through Euro Profile Sash Lock

VAT included

Italian Magnetic Euro Sash Lock with adjustable strike plate. Can be used as standard latch.

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Italian Magnetic Euro Profile Sash Lock with Adjustable Strike Plate.  Why would you benefit from our mag-latches and mag-locks? ★ They are incredibly EASY TO FIT! ★ Less time and hassle spent fitting these latches! ★ Seamlessly QUIET closing. ★ No noisy door closing - Completely silent due to being magnetic! ★ Clean, Sophisticated & Elegant! ★ The look of a closed door without a striker plate visible speaks volumes! ★ A Flush Finish! ★ When the door is open there is no unsightly latch tongue protruding! There is NO chance of catching clothes or arms on protruding latch tongues or striker plates! ★ Reliability.

Total Length: 75mm
Back Set: 50mm
Face Plate Size: 190mm x 18mm
Dust Box: Yes

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