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Door Hinges

Door Hinges they are an essential item when it comes to replacing or fitting new internal doors. If you require graded stainless steel door hinges or self closing spring hinges for your fire doors we have them in abundance. These are more often than not 4 inches in old money or 102mm/100mm x 75mm/76mm in metric sizes. For a standard light weight 35mm internal door a pair of 3 inch or 75mm/76mm hinges will be more suited for you're needs. Heavier 35mm doors such as solid or composite doors would be best fitted with 3 hinges per door and depending on their weight these too can be graded. We have lots of types to buy online, for instance there are ball bearing hinges, stainless steel hinges, steel hinges, brass hinges, fire door hinges and washer hinges for all of you're door fitting needs and please feel free to view our selection over the next few web pages.

Door Hinges


  • Cheap Steel Butt...
    <p>UK door handles presents our standard steel butt hinges available for fitting interior and exterior doors. These are the loose pin and fixed pin steel butt hinges with a variety of finishes such as electro brass plated, bright zinc plated, chrome and satin chrome. Available in sizes 75mm/3 inch x 50mm/2 inch and 100mm/4 inch x 75mm/3 inch. All of our door hinges come with the matching screws to fit. A cheaper version of door hinges for light domestic use.</p>
  • Fire Door Hinges....
    <p>Fire door hinges 4 inch, 100mm, 102mm from UK door handles. We have a large selection of graded fire door hinges from standard pin to ball bearing. BS. EN1935.2002. British Standards. CE Marked. Grade 7. Grade 11 and grade 13. We have polished &amp; satin chrome fire door hinges also polished brass fire door hinges. Ball Bearing Hinges. A fire door hinge is rated by British standards to withstand heat for a period of time, making the door safe if the worst should happen.</p>
  • Door Hinges - 75mm - 3"
    <p>UK Door Handles presents our range of premium 75mm/76mm 3 inch door butt hinges for use on heavier interior doors in a variety of finishes, grades and construction such as washered butt hinges, ball bearing butt hinges and button tipped The finishes include polished chrome, polished brass, satin chrome plated, satin stainless steel hinges, satin nickel plated, electro brass plated, polished stainless steel hinges, polished chrome plate, polished electro brass</p>
  • Door Hinges 100mm, 4"
    <p>Premium 100mm/102mm 4 inch door butt hinges or stainless steel hinges from uk door handles for use on external/heavy doors in a variety of finishes, grades and construction like washered stainless steel butt hinges, ball bearing butt hinges and button tipped. The finishes include Polished chrome, Polished brass, Satin chrome plated, Satin stainless steel, Satin nickel plated, Electro brass plated, Polished stainless steel, Polished chrome plate, Polished electro brass.</p>
  • Tee Hinges for Gates &...
    <p>Here we have a selection of tee hinges for use on gates, shed doors and other types of doors. In lots of sizes and finishes like zinc plated and black.</p>
  • Parliament Hinges
    <p>Parliament Hinges available from UK door handles.</p>

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