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Here at UK Door Handles we have a carefully chosen range of internal door handles to suit all needs and tastes. If you are looking to buy door handles you can choose from traditional door handles on a back plate or designer door handles on a square or round rose. We also offer Cheap Door Handles for those who on a tight budget. Our handles and ironmongery are available online for direct distribution across the UK. We have categorised our door handles into various finishes to hopefully make it easier for you to get what you desire, such as a Polished chrome finish, satin chrome door handles, polished brass door furniture as well as a selection of stainless steel and aluminium finishes. We offer free delivery on orders over £85 

Door Handles


  • Internal Door Handles...
    <p>Internal Door handles on a backplate. These are more traditional handles and come in lots of styles and sizes. The handles we have online range from traditional to period or antique in style as well as contemporary for that modern look. Lots of finishes to choose from like Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Aluminium, Antique Bronze and Black Antique.</p>
  • Door Handles on a...
    <p>Designer door handles on a round rose available from uk door handles to order online or in store. These handles come in such a large array of finishes, styles and prices that there is something for everybody. Take your pick. Whether your property is for sale, a rental, a business or your home, the selection of handles in this category is vast. Choose from door handle packs or just the handles to show off your doors to their full potential.</p>
  • Door Handles on a...
    <p>Wow...... Quality and Class. A selection of internal door handles on square rose are coming up on the next few pages which may make you re-think about what you already have on your doors at present. Finishes such as Satin Nickle , Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome along with the crisp clean lines of these square door handles will give your home a contemporary modern new twist.</p>
  • Door Handle Packs
    <p>Door Handles Packs. UK Door Handles offers a wide range of door handle packs and door furniture sets. We supply ironmongery, hardware and lots more to order online with free delivery on orders over £85 to the main parts of the UK. We have taken some of our most popular Interior Door Handles and put them into door furniture packs. These sets including the door hinges and interior door latches to save you time in looking through our site trying to find all the bits and bobs you need. Bathroom sets have thumb turns and bath locks. Lock sets have keyhole covers (escutcheons) and 3 lever locks.</p>
  • Oro & Oro Designer...
    <p><span>These Oro &amp; Oro Designer Door Handles are made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS</span><br /><span><strong>    </strong></span><br /><span>"Intelligent Hardware - Intelligent by Design"</span><br /><span><strong>    </strong></span><br /><span>A stunning and unique range of stylish Door Handles that are sure to turn heads and open doors.</span></p>

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