• Bathroom thumb turns...
    <p>Bathroom thumb turns and lock escutcheons</p>
  • Door Handles
    <p>Here at UK Door Handles we have a carefully chosen range of internal door handles to suit all needs and tastes. If you are looking to buy door handles you can choose from traditional door handles on a back plate or designer door handles on a square or round rose. We also offer Cheap Door Handles for those who on a tight budget. Our handles and ironmongery are available online for direct distribution across the UK. We have categorised our door handles into various finishes to hopefully make it easier for you to get what you desire, such as a Polished chrome finish, satin chrome door handles, polished brass door furniture as well as a selection of stainless steel and aluminium finishes. We offer free delivery on orders over £85 </p>
  • Door Hinges
    <p>Door Hinges they are an essential item when it comes to replacing or fitting new internal doors. If you require graded stainless steel door hinges or self closing spring hinges for your fire doors we have them in abundance. These are more often than not 4 inches in old money or 102mm/100mm x 75mm/76mm in metric sizes. For a standard light weight 35mm internal door a pair of 3 inch or 75mm/76mm hinges will be more suited for you're needs. Heavier 35mm doors such as solid or composite doors would be best fitted with 3 hinges per door and depending on their weight these too can be graded. We have lots of types to buy online, for instance there are ball bearing hinges, stainless steel hinges, steel hinges, brass hinges, fire door hinges and washer hinges for all of you're door fitting needs and please feel free to view our selection over the next few web pages.</p>
  • Interior Door Latches...
    <p>Here at UK Door Handles we have loads of Interior door latches and catches on offer. If you are using our Door Handles on a square or round rose you will need the bolt through mortice latches whereas the traditional door handles on a backplate a standard mortice latch is needed. On a door knob it is preferential to use a double sprung latch as some of our door knobs are unsprung. Have a browse as we have different types to suit all needs like the upright mortice latches to roller ball catches.</p>
  • Locks
    <p>Door Locks. In this category we are pleased to show you our mortice sash locks, bathroom locks, cylinder locks, night latches, 3 lever locks and 5 lever mortice locks. All of our locks are available in different finishes like satin stainless steel and polished brass as well as most of them are in the most popular sizes such as 76mm, 75mm, 64mm and 65mm. Sash locks are provided with at least 2 keys.</p>
  • Door Accessories
    <p>At UK Door Handles we have a large selection of ironmongery like keyhole escutcheons, centre door knobs, numerals, letter plates, security door chains, door viewers, door knockers, letter tidy, rim cylinder pull, coat hooks, indicator bolt, door stops, handrail brackets,</p>
  • Door Closers
    <p>We have a good selection of Overhead and concealed jamb door closers. Products like Adjustable Spring Hinges, Adjustable Speed Hydraulic Jamb Door Closers, a selection of overhead door closers in sizes 3, 2-5, 2-4 Concealed Jamb door closers.</p>
  • Window Casement Stays...
    <p>Window casement stays and fasteners.</p>
  • Bathroom Thumb Turns,...
    <p>Here at UK Door Handles we offer our range of bathroom thumb turn and release sets to match our door handles. If you are unsure as to which thumb turn matches which door handles either get in touch, check the supplier, also you can match them through the size and finish. Don't forget your bathroom mortice locks.</p>
  • Door Knobs
    <p>A stunning array of beautiful door knobs to suit any home and add a touch of class. The glass mortice door knobs are especially nice as well as our various more traditional polished brass or chrome finishes. There are prices to suit all budgets from the cheap door knobs (contract) to the heavier new classical door knob collections. </p>
  • Cheap Door Handles
    <p>Cheap Door Handles. Door Handles UK (made in). Easy to find Quality handles at bargain prices, as they are listed here. Internal door handles at trade prices available to buy online here at UK Door Handles.</p>
  • Special Offers
  • Cabinet Fittings
  • Ironmongery

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