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Door Knobs

A stunning array of beautiful door knobs to suit any home and add a touch of class. The glass mortice door knobs are especially nice as well as our various more traditional polished brass or chrome finishes. There are prices to suit all budgets from the cheap door knobs (contract) to the heavier new classical door knob collections. 

Door Knobs


  • Crystal Glass Door Knobs
    <p>We are pleased to offer this range of Glass Door Knobs. Exquisite mortice door knobs with a touch of elegance. Beautifully made door knobs with a touch of class. These crystal glass door knobs come in a range of, colours to suit your style and taste. An individual door knob supplied to you by UK Door Handles.</p>
  • Brass / Chrome /...
    <p>Here is our range of traditional door knobs in polished brass, polished chrome or satin chrome. If you are looking for a door knob you can choose from styles such as mushroom door knobs, oval door knobs and ball mortice door knobs.</p>
  • Knobsets
    <p>These knob sets are available in a range of finishes. These are stainless steel based door knobs with a polished brass plate, polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel finish. Each door knob comes with an adjustable latch, strike plate and fixings. Large diameter hole required to fit. Great quality knob sets from UK Door Handles.</p>
  • Centre Door Knobs
  • Pewter Door Knobs
  • Antique / Matt Finish...

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